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orzo w_chicken

The big to do after Thanksgiving is all about the leftovers.  You either love em or hate em.  Some people pile all the traditional thanksgiving grub into a big sandwich.  Some can't look at it again and just start the cooking from scratch for a nice Shabbat dinner, but those people are crazy!  Let's use those leftovers.  Here's how.


Leftover Turkey Chili with Loaded Corn Muffins

Jamie twists things up with Mexican take on a turkey chili.  Really, who can resist this creative use of leftover turkey.

Turn Thanksgiving Leftovers Into a Friday Night Feast

Click through for 18 ways to creatively use your Thanksgiving leftovers for a Shabbat feast.  You will love these tips and tricks from Felissa Billet, she shows you more than just how to change up the turkey.

Leftover Turkey Shawarma

Leftover Turkey Shawarma

You can always go Israeli like our friend Yosef who turns his turkey leftovers into a shawarma.  Top with some Techina and chopped salad and enjoy.

Main image - Orzo with Chicken, Dill, and Chickpeas - just sub in the cooked turkey and you got a winner.

What do you do with Thanksgiving leftovers?