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'Ma Nishtana Halayla Haze?'

24 days until passover

With all the hustle and bustle leading up to Passover it’s hard to make sure we stop for a second and enjoy the holiday that lies ahead of us.  There are little things we can do to make the night special – more special then it already is. After all the hard work we put into preparing for the holiday it is crucial that we look forward to the special evening.

We suggest making some special dishes that will simply elevate your meal and make you look forward to serving your special creations.

Here are three recipes that will help bring something new and delicious to your tables!


For a delicious and colorful Main try this Roasted Lamb with Pomegranate and Wine.


Try serving this Summer Passion Fruit Sangria that will surprise and impress all your guests on Passover.


These Chocolate Macaroons will simply melt in your mouth and keep everyone at your dinner table wanting more!

Try adding some surprises to your meals to give yourselves, your family and your guests something special to look forward to!

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