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Make Desserts Better With One Simple Ingredient

almond lace cookies passover gluten free


I am a simple baker. I don't make fancy cakes or decorated cookies. You’ll never see my concoctions dressing up a bakery window and I’ve accepted this fact. I make bundt cakes, chewy chocolate chip cookies and yummy brownies. My family loves them, but Paula Shoyer doesn’t have to look over her shoulder.

The kinds of treats I make don't need anything to make them look good, and that’s the way I like it.

Most simple desserts call for a little extra flavoring, often in the form of vanilla extract. Recently I discovered another option that gives a unique twist to most every dessert, Morad Amaretto.

almond lace cookies with amaretto

Morad Amaretto is a sweet almond flavored liqueur made in Israel, easily found at wine stores throughout the U.S. and Canada or available online here. The flavor of amaretto enhances any dessert made with almonds, but also compliments any desert made with chocolate, which is where I do most of my damage. I used Morad Amaretto to make these Almond Lace Cookies which are drizzled with rich, dark chocolate. These are gluten free and kosher for Passover, but really can (and should) be enjoyed all year round.

amaretto lmeon cocktail

I also made the most amazing discovery when working on a cocktail recipe. Amaretto and lemon juice work wonders together. For a simple light cocktail all you need is lemon and amaretto and perhaps a bit of simple syrup. For something harder you can add vodka and serve on the rocks for an easy drink that tastes great!

Between cocktails and decadent desserts, Morad Amaretto works wonders.

This post is part of a sponsored partnership with Morad Winery.