Matzo Brei - A Passover Brunch Delight

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peach matzo brie bake

There are so many matzo brei recipes out there that choosing one can be overwhelming. Whether you make a basic traditional recipe, such as the one found here, or something more extravagant, with matzo brei you can rarely go wrong. My favorite is Jamie's new Banana and Peach Matzo Brie Bake (see the video and recipe link below), but with any version you make you have to be sure not to over-soak the matzo or else your matzo brei will come out soggy. Don't hesitate to try one or all of the recipes below as they are each different and have a unique take on matzo brei. EnJOY!

Matzo Brei Mac 'N Cheese

Matzo Brei Mac 'N Cheese is the ultimate comfort food! Over Passover, if you're a Mac 'N Cheese kind of person you may be craving your favorite dish, but this recipe will allow you to have your fill without skipping a Passover beat.

Pizza Matzo Brei

Pizza Matzo Brei tastes as delicious as it looks. You can easily double or even quadruple the recipe and, believe me, you will probably be doing just that.


This Passover Migas recipe is a great way to use up your matzo farfel and leftover veggies. Migas are a mixture of eggs, veggies and a topping  of cheese with a crunchy element.  Usually the crunch comes from fried tortilla or broken tortilla chips, but on Passover matzo farfel is a great crunchy alternative.


Who would guess you could be eating French toast on Passover? Although not a traditional matzo brie, this French Toast Matzo with Dill Cream Cheese recipe is absolutely amazing for brunch or even breakfast for dinner. The French toast is 3 layers and uses fresh dill. With the elements  you can't go wrong!!

Again not a traditional matzo brei, but Salami and Eggs Matzo Frittata is a fancier meat version of a matzo brei that you can whip up for brunch to impress your friends and family. This matzo brie is surprisingly easy to make, which is definitely good considering you will probably have to make doubles.

Salami Matzo Frittata

Last but not least, my favorite Banana and Peach Matzo Brie Bake. This matzo brei is sweet and delectable and with the help of the video you will be making it in no time!!

Try something new from these recipes or create your own. Mix it up and consider adding smoked salmon, pastrami, spinach, artichokes, various herbs or anything else that would go well with eggs. Let us know in the comments what worked well and how your recipes turned out.