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Memories of Mom - Recipes For Mother's Day


When my brother and I were growing up, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day were very important in our house. We spent days making cards and choosing the right gift which our Father paid for when we were little and we paid for as we got older. In addition, my Father always bought my Mother a special present and wrote a four to six line poem on his business card, which he enclosed with the gift. To this day, depending on the handbag or scarf she chooses, my Mother still finds these small cards tucked in. As I got older and the kitchen became my domain, I started to organize Mothers’ Day meals at home rather than go to a restaurant. These meals allowed me to experiment and to make some of the cooking errors my family still giggles about i.e. the lemon meringue pie that we had to eat with a spoon! Happily the kitchen is still my domain and I still have the opportunity to prepare celebratory meals for my family.

riced egg mold salad

Riced Egg Mold Salad

There is no family gathering at which I don’t think of my Grandma Jeannie- my Mother’s Mother. She died when I was six years old; but left a lasting impression on me. Almost all my Mother’s family lived in the same building where we lived. They established a family organization which met once a month all through my childhood. It was there I learned of many of the recipes I make today. I was told that the following recipe was always served at cousins’ card games or teas. My Grandmother molded the eggs in a large ring mold, which she then unmolded on a platter lined with lettuce. She served the eggs with Russian dressing. As this Riced Egg Mold recipe is for a Mother’s Day article, I’m using a fish mold that belonged to my Mother in Law, and a recipe from my Grandmother and Mother. The herbs and tomato salad are my addition.


Goujonettes de Sole

The recipe for Goujons (small pieces) of sole is easy, elegant and family friendly. The small pieces of sole are dipped in batter and quickly fried and drained. They are firm enough to eat with your hands or, if you prefer, with a fork. Although this dish is traditionally served with a tartar or mustard sauce, I am recommending this Mango-Blackberry Salsa for a lighter, more colorful and summery feel.

No Mother’s Day celebration would be complete without dessert. Here is a pareve chocolate cake turned into a Strawberry Short Cake. I used a two inch cookie cutter to cut a hole in each of the layers so I could insert the roses. Flowers, whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate-Irresistible!  Happy Mother’s Day.

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Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake