Mom's the Word - Mother's Day Greetings

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Sunday, May 9, 2010 is Mother's Day. I've asked the team to share stories about their moms and send special greetings. This one is from me.

As you well know, my mother has some sort of inborn allergic reaction to the kitchen, which she almost certainly passed on to me hence my love for all things quick when it comes to cooking. She hasn't turned on the oven in her new house, ever—and she's been living there over 7 years!  But I have to say my mother is a sheer genius when it comes to salads both of the fruit and veggie variety.

I take her lead and choose unusual and/or tropical fruits when it comes to fruit salads—I cut them up and dust with some confectioners’ sugar for that tropical island feel. Mom goes for glamorous greens, too, and somehow they always taste special. She swears it’s her salad bowl—a big, wooden thing that seems to bring the flavor out of a simple blend of mixed field greens, fresh garlic, salt, olive oil and a bright squeeze of lemon. So simple, yet superb. Every time I make a salad that gets oohs and ahhs, I think how lucky I am to have inherited the salad queen's DNA. Ironically, I am equally lucky for her lack of culinary interest, without which I never would have a kosher kitchen career today.

So, to my mom who has inspired me in so many ways and to all the other mom's out there - Happy Mother's Day, you deserve to be recognized on this special day and always.

Love, Jamie

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