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Mother's Day Brunch White Bread Recipes

over stuffed bread pudding

You know what gets really under appreciated? White bread.

white bread

I’m talking about the classic wonder bread-like white bread that used to house our peanut butter and jelly and melty cheeses at school.

What happened to being the greatest thing since sliced bread?

The greatest thing since French baguette doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Now that everything has gotten all fancy and grown up, white sandwich bread in the supermarket aisle gets an upturned nose for having preservatives and all sorts of other bad stuff that taste good. All the multigrain and I-only-last-a-day-before-you-can-turn-me-to-breadcrumbs breads are getting all the love.

But in reality, white bread has held our hands all throughout our childhood. It supported our growth and was always there when we were feeling sad no matter what we threw on it. It was soft and cuddly and made you feel nice. Kind of like your mom who is always there for you no matter what and is always super underappreciated? That’s why I implore you to use this mothers day as an opportunity to say to your mom, Mom I love you like I love white bread.

There will always be a very large place in my heart for you. And just to make sure she understands how much that really means, here’s a couple of recipes upside of awesome to make for your mom on Mothers Day proving just that! It will make giving your mom the best Mother’s Day the yeast of your worries. (Hang on, its about to get punny in here.)

Nothing says I Loaf You like:

Crème Brule French Toast Roll Ups with Nutella

You’re the best thing since Sliced Bread Crème Brule French-Toast Roll Ups with Hazelnut Filling

It’s like French toast, crème brulee and nutella all rolled into one gorgeous little package. If this isn’t the way to your mother’s heart I don't know what is.

nest eggs in a hole

Hole in my Hearts Egg-in-Toast

This recipe comes from way back in my childhood when my dad used to make us breakfasts on weekends. It was always a special treat and the best part was dipping the toasty corners and extra little middle toast into the runny yolk.

over stuffed bread pudding

“You’ve Always Made Sure I Was” Over Stuffed Bread Pudding

This recipe has everything in it, like an indecisive 7 year old’s ice cream sundae. It’s a great way of showing your mom that no matter how old she gets she still looks young. “Like really young Ma, you could be my sister.” Use your extra bread odds and ends for making this recipe! The fillings I used are just suggestions. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with your own ideas for stuffing and toppings!

Mother's Day Smothie with Strawberries

I Knead You Thick Fruit Smoothie

Using dry bread to thicken soups is an age-old trick; why not apply the same thing to  a smoothie? This is a great smoothie for those of you who love a thick smoothie mustache but hate bananas. Feel free to get a little fancy-dancy and spike the smoothie with some white wine or sparkly champagne.

I know what you’re thinking… you’re so sick of bread jokes one more and your toast… wah wah….