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National Apple Pie Day

Deconstructed Apple Pie

It seems kind of odd timing to have National Apple Pie Day on May 13th.  Apples are so Fall and we are counting on Spring.   Oh, well, apples are available all year round and an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Nothing seems more American than apple pie, but in fact it was invented in Europe sometime in the 14th century.  The first apple pie recipe recorded is from England and Dutch Apple Pie dates back to the late 15th century where they added a scoop of ice cream on top.

deep dish apple pie

Traditional apple pie is baked in a round pie crust, either with another pie crust on top or a crumble topping.  You can find tradition in this Deep Dish Apple Pie.

California Walnut Streusal Apple Pie

For a pie with crumble topping try this Walnut Streusel Apple Pie.

For a real twist make these Apple Pie Hamanthashen Cookies.

Main image - Jamie introduced us to her Deconstructed Apple pie to save us time and offers a beautiful presentation in individual ramekins.