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National Baked Fish Day


It is actually Baked Scallops Day, but scallops are not kosher. So we have renamed the National Food Holiday today as National Baked Fish Day.

Five Fun Facts:

  1. If you marinate fish, always do it in the refrigerator, never at room temperature. Fish deteriorate very quickly at room temperature.
  2. Always cook fish at a low to moderate temperature to retain the moisture and preserve the tenderness. Never more than 350 degrees.
  3. A regular course of fish three to four times a week will help keep you supplied with essential nucleic acids, DNA and RNA.
  4. New evidence shows that eating as little as one serving of fish per week can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease.
  5. A frequent trip to the sushi bar may leave you short of vitamins thiamine and B1. Raw fish contains a substance that destroys these vitamins.

Five Baked Fish Recipes:

  1. Panko Crusted Fish Sticks - Easy to make, these fish sticks are also easy to enjoy with their crispy texture and chunky dip. Whip them up for a weeknight dinner the whole family will love.
  2. Walnut Crusted Chilean Sea Bass with Lemon Dill Sauce- So chic, yet so easy! The ground walnuts make for an unexpected and crunchy topping. The lemon dill sauce provides a light balance to the bass, a meaty, fatty fish. Double or triple the sauce and use it as a dressing for a simple side salad.
  3. Halibut with Herbs & Capers- Capers add an extra flavor boost to this delightful fish dish.
  4. Salmon Fish Sticks- This recipe was inspired by one I saw Giada make on the food network and it has become a favorite in my house.
  5. Thyme-and-Sesame-Crusted Halibut - A distinctive fish dish, roasted at high heat to stay moist and flavorful.

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Nutrition Information per one 28 g fish stick:

Calories:   81
Fat: 5 g
Carbohydrates: 3 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Sodium: 137 mg
Protein:  6 g
Sugars: 0.22  g