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National Butterscotch Brownie Day

butterscotch brownies

May 9th is national butterscotch brownie day, but what is a butterscotch brownie? It all starts with butterscotch a candy made from primarily brown sugar and butter and a few other things.  It is similar to toffee, but it only gets brought to a soft ball stage, meaning a lower temperature so that it doesn't harden.  It is often turned into a syrup for ice cream.  The term butterscotch is used anytime brown sugar are mixed together, that is why Butterscotch Brownies are often called blondies, because theyare made similar to brownies, but are not brown.  Really they are more like a cookie bar often with added pecans and white chocoalte, but many people like to use milk or dark chocolate chips, really anything goes.  Most blondies we have don't have that distinctive butterscoth taste, it might be that we use margarine.  To get the real deal we got to use butter today to make the Best Butterscoth Brownie otherwise known as Blondie.

Butterscotch Pudding Ice Cream

If blondies aint your thing but you still want some butterscotch try Butterscotch Pudding Ice Cream.

Banana Walnut Butterscotch Bars

These Banana Walnut Butterscotch Bars look like another fun treat.