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National Cherry Pie Day

cherry pie

Cherry pie is a pie baked with a cherry filling. Traditionally, cherry pie is made with tart rather than sweet cherries as it is easier to control how sweet the pie eventually becomes and also eventually translates to a sharper taste. Morello cherries are one of the most common kinds of cherry used, but others, like the native black cherry, are also occasionally utilized. Although generally eaten in North America, cherry pie is also known in other parts of the world. It is a very popular treat in North America and prior to the advent of refrigeration it was most commonly eaten in midsummer (harvest of cherries in North America coincides with Canada Day on July 1 and America's Independence Day on July 4.) Cherry pie is also often eaten with whipped cream or ice cream. A common preparation tradition in the United States is to decorate the crust with fancy pastry patterns. (Wikipedia)

Five fun facts:

  1. Cherry pie is the fifth popular pie in the US - beaten only by Apple, Pumpkin, Pecan and Banana Cream.
  2. In the 19th Century, fruit pies were a common breakfast food eaten before the start of a long day.
  3. In the UK Oliver Cromwell banned the eating of pie in 1644, declaring it a pagan form of pleasure. For 16 years, pie eating and making went underground until the Restoration leaders lifted the ban on pie in 1660.
  4. At one time it was against the law to serve ice cream on cherry pie in Kansas.
  5. The wealthy English were known for their “Surprise Pies” in which live creatures would pop out when the pie was cut open.

Five Pie Recipes:

  1. Pie Pops - Pie pops are individual portions of pie, perfect for any day and any taste. Not to mention, nearly everything is tastier if it's eaten off a stick. The sky's the limit for flavorful fillings, but consider the following recipes for inspiration for more adventurous ideas.
  2. Strawberry Pie With Meringue Crust- simple replace the strawberries with cherries and you have a perfect cherry pie.
  3. Deep-Dish Apple Pie- A terrific apple pie with a transitional whole wheat crust. With all that delicious fruit an apple pie should be healthy, but the truth is a slice can have as much as 750 calories and 30 grams of fat. For the most part, the culprit is the crust. We use whole-wheat pastry flour to add fiber and lower the saturated fat by replacing some of the butter with canola oil. The brown sugar-sweetened filling in this pie is made with two kinds of apples for the perfect balance. A slice has half the calories of a typical version and only 10 grams of fat—sweet!
  4. Red Anjou Pie -A flavorful pie combining Red Anjou pears and the subtle tartness of dried apricots. Pecans add a conserve-like element.
  5. Peach-Raspberry Pie - A lightened pie crust plus the tart-sweet combination of peaches and raspberries is truly a winning recipe. Make this when peaches are at their most flavorful in midsummer.

Click for more pie recipes.

Nutritional information per one slice (1/8) of cherry pie:

Calories:  325 
Fat: 14 g
Carbohydrates:  47 g
Cholesterol: 0  mg
Sodium:  308 mg
Protein: 3  g
Sugars:  18 g