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National Tortellini Day


Tortellini originated in Bologna and is accompanied by a legend: When the goddess Venus stayed in a tavern on the outskirts of the city, the innkeeper tried to spy on her through the keyhole of her room, but could catch only a glimpse of her navel. Spellbound, he went to the kitchen and, to capture this vision, shaped fresh egg pasta into the navel-sized tortellini. An alternative legend has Lucretia Borgia playing the starring role.

Five fun facts:

  1. Tortellini are small ring shaped pasta stuffed with meat or cheese.
  2. Tortelloni  are larger than the bite-sized tortellini.
  3. They are also called "umbellico" pasta due to their belly button shape.
  4. The "tortellino" is quite rightly the symbol of Bologna's cuisine, because it combines the inimitable flagrance of rolled pasta with the flavour of a rich filling: all the specialties of Bologna's cuisine are captured in a single mouthful.
  5. Up until the 19th century tortellini were confined to the tables of the more affluent members of society, or were served up only on holidays.

Five tortellini recipes:

  1. Apple Tortellini Salad- For pasta salad lovers, this one is hard to beat. Healthful, low in fat, and high in fiber, this recipe has lots of flavor, texture, and color. It makes a wonderful addition to a party buffet or a tasty lunch for school or work.
  2. Tortellini Peach Salad- A perfect summer salad.
  3. Baked Tortellini Milano- Mushrooms, cheese and plenty garlic - delicious and easy supper.
  4. Tossed Tortellini Salad- Another great pasta salad.
  5. Basic Pasta Dough Recipe - for when you want to make your own tortellini.

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Nutritional Information for 3/4 cup serving of cheese  Tortellini, fresh-refrigerated:

Calories:   249
Fat: 6  g
Carbohydrates:  38 g
Cholesterol:  34 mg
Sodium: 499  mg
Protein:  11 g
Sugars: 1 g