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National Truffle Day

Chocolate-Mango Ganache Truffles

Today, May 2nd, we celebrate Truffles.  We are talking chocolates not fungus, we can save that for another time.  Chocolate truffles are traditionally made with a chocolate ganache center and coated in either a hard tempered chocolate shell or cocoa powder usually shaped into a round ball.  The ganache filling can be infused with an unlimited variation of flavors or replaced with cream, caramel, nuts, nougat, etc.  And according to wikipiedia chocolate truffles are actually named after the fungus truffle because they resemble them.

While most of you will probably just go out to your local Godiva to celebrate this day, there is nothing more satisfying or fun than making your own.  It is a really fun activity with your kids, just plan for a chocolate bath to end the night.  The most important thing to remember when making truffles is to use high quality chocolate.  If it doesn't start out tasting good, it will not end up tasting good let alone great and if you choose properly you can even enjoy it in good health.

We have just scratched the surface here on JOK with recipes for Mango Chocolate Truffles, Orange Chocolate Truffles, Raspberry Chocolate Truffles, 15-minute Coconut Truffles and Dark Chocolate Truffles that are all made parve, using either fruit purees or coconut milk, but the varieties are endless.

What will you try?