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New Kosher Wine for The Jewish New Year


I’ve spent the last three weeks tasting some of the best new kosher wine for the New Year and my cork-pulling hand is getting tired.  I am not expecting much in the way of sympathy.  But a little help washing the glassware would be nice.

When summertime is over and the first winds of fall begin to blow, I run away from rosé and let go of pinot grigio to get ready for some wine suitable for the soulful introspection that accompanies Rosh Hashanah. Plus I pick a few bottles just for fun, something to enjoy while the bees are chasing my kids around the sukkah or when hosting a late night Simchat Torah celebration.

Whether you are ready for a red or wild about white, we want to share a few new wines worth trying this New Year.

Carmel Single Vineyard Kayoumi White Riesling (Galilee); $22. This wine has fragrant aromas of citrus, green apples and lime, with a bright sweetness that is a perfect pairing for Chinese and Japanese flavors.

Morad Winery Danue Passion Fruit Wine(Galilee); $18. A delightfully different selection made entirely from passion fruit grown in northern Israel.  If you are looking for a fun way to start off a sweet New Year or to end a memorable meal, this is a choice that will surprise your guests who don’t like wine.

2009 Bartenura Ovadia Estates Dolcettod'Alba(Italy); $19. An everyday red, a Piedmont for pasta lovers.  This dry wine has the tannins to take on red sauces and pizza.

2009 Teal Lake Special Reserve Shiraz (Australia); $15. This is probably the best effort I have tasted from this winery, restoring the reputation of this venerable Australian varietal.  The berry, cherry, and spice pair well with Moroccan, Indian, Persian and Syrian cuisine.

2009 ElviMati Rioja (Spain); $17. An expressive Spanish red with hints of anise and oak. You can almost hear the flamenco guitar as you sip this food-friendly red from one of my favorite wineries.

2007 1848 Cabernet Reserve(Galilee); $35. This powerful red brings flavors of raspberries, currants and dark fruits – an elegant effort from this new winery.

2009 Psagot Cabernet Sauvignon(Judean Hills); $28. This fab Cab was aged for 13 months in French oak barrels.  A bold red that can hold its own alongside any steak or roast.

Let us know what you will be drinking after the Shofar blows…L'chaim and Shanah Tovah!