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naftali hanau

Naftali Hanau grew up around the corner from the kosher butcher, and has loved meat from a young age. He eventually learned shechita and founded our favorite kosher meat company, Grow and Behold Foods, which sells delicious OU Glatt kosher pastured meat to customers all over the USA. Naf joins us here at JOY of KOSHER with Jamie Geller every month to break down various cuts of meat, serve up his secret recipes and answer your "meaty" questions. Post comments below, or contact Naf directly at

-------------------------A Q&A With Naf Hanau-------------------------

Q question

I want to try something new this holiday season, but I love the ease of my tried and true brisket recipe. Do you have any suggestions for some not-too-difficult recipes for the chaggim to get me out of my rut?

A Answer

That is the question that comes up every year in our house: do we make the same old traditional foods, or mix it up a little? 

The answer depends on how nostalgic we’re feeling, and also how adventurous. As comforting as preparing the same foods every holiday can be, the chaggim are also a good time to try something new: you have time to prepare, and lots of people who will give you feedback.

In this post, we present some more familiar beef roasts, as well as some veal and lamb roasts that are out-of-this-world delicious and could well become your family’s next traditional holiday food – at least until you’re ready for something else new!

As with all cooking, starting with great ingredients is the first step to producing delicious food. All of the roasts from Grow and Behold are from animals raised on pasture, with no hormones or antibiotics, and are trimmed to perfection. We’ve got some great new recipes for you below, but you can always contact us directly for assistance in finding the perfect recipe (and cut of meat) for you and your family: or 888-790-5781.

Also note: If you’re new to cooking roasts, check out our How to Cook a Roast guide for the basic methods for Braising Roasts (including Brisket, Top of the Rib, Chuck Pot Roast, Deckel, Kalakel (Beef); Veal Pocket and Veal Neck Roast; and Lamb Roast or Lamb Shoulder) and High Heat Roasts (such as Bone-In Rib Roast, Beef Tenderloin, French Roast (Beef); Rack of Veal, and Rack of Lamb).

Now it's time to take your pick:

6 Meat Roast Recipes for the Holidays plus tips and tricks from the experts

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