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Non-Gebrokst Recipes

Vegetable Egg Crepes

For me Pesach is synonymous with Matzah Balls and Matzah Brei. But there are many who do not make these delicious delights on Pesach - because they only eat Non-Gebrokst. What is this? Gebrokst means Matzah that has come into contact with water or with food prepared with water. The concern is that there may have been some flour that wasn't properly mixed with the water while preparing the matzah and is therefore susceptible to becoming leaven - a big no-no for Pesach.

This makes cooking for Passover a little more challenging, but not impossible! Here are some great recipes:

Vegetable Egg Crepes
Sweet Potato Souffle
Non-Gebrokst Matza Balls
Almond Macaroons
Chocolate Mango Ganache Truffles
Cheese Pancakes
Vegetable Cutlets
Pesach Fingers
Pesach Crumbs
Eggplant Parmesan Stacks
Dairy Potato Leek Quiche
Orange Chicken

Do you eat Gebrokst or not? What are some of your favorite non-gebrokst recipes?