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Not Your Average Gefilte Fish: Chef Meir Adoni's Exclusive Recipe

If there was ever a dish that evoked strong and mixed feelings, a sort of love/hate relationship, it is this round patty that goes by the name of Gefilte Fish. Though many Ashkenazi Jews cannot imagine a festive dinner without this appetizer, many Sephardic Jews don't appreciate it quite as much. 

When Israel’s most famous chef, Meir Adoni, of Sephardic descent, presented a cooking class on kosher cooking, his eyes welled up with tears as he told the story of how he could not bring himself to try this fish until the one day he sat down to eat with a Holocaust survivor, and he knew that he had to try it, or leave her disheartened. He did try it, and actually loved it, so he decided to create his own version.

Scroll down for Chef Meir Adoni’s mind-blowing Gefilte Fish recipe ...

Chef Meir Adoni

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Here’s what you have to understand about Chef Meir Adoni before you even look at the recipe: He is one of the most beloved chefs in Israel. His innovative and unique culinary style raised him to the top of the field in Israel, earning him accolades for his prize-winning restaurants (2 of them kosher), contrasting flavors and textures, unlikely ingredients that work harmoniously together, homemade sauces, mixes of sweet, salty and bitter, and a jeux de tastes of all sorts.

At the culinary hub of Sarona in Tel Aviv, Chef Meir Adoni along with Chef Ido Zarmi, the Chief Culinary Officer at the Culinary Hub, teach a 12 week “modern kosher” class called Kosher Without Compromise, focused on redefining kosher cuisine, with bites of molecular gastronomy, flowers that replicate the taste of oysters, kosher bacon, and sauces that elevate ordinary dishes to colossal levels.

This class, which can also be booked privately for groups visiting Israel, will leave you feeling inspired to cook. Chef Meir Adoni shared his Gefilte Fish Recipe with the participants, presenting us with a beautiful work of art. 

Note: This is not a simple quick dish but the versatility of it is you get to choose how fancy you want to make it. You can even just buy gefilte fish and make the sauces to compliment it and decide how many layers of flavor you want to incorporate into it.


Chef Meir Adoni gefilte fish

This one-of- a -kind gefilte fish is served all year long at his award-winning kosher meat restaurant Lumina in Tel Aviv. If you are visiting Israel, it is a must-visit spot and has one of the most innovative and creative menus in all of Israel. They are open for Passover and have an extensive Passover menu. 

 The restaurant is located at the Carlton Hotel, 10 Eliezer Peri St. Tel Aviv, 03 520- 1828. Meir Adoni also has an incredible dairy restaurant in the Carlton Hotel open for Passover as well.  

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