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Morad Pomegranate Wine for Dinner and a Cocktail

Chilled Mulled Pomegranate Wine


We all know that wine isn't just for drinking (you can cook with it too) but did you know that it's important that the wine you cook with should be just as tasty as the wine you want to drink? In fact, when you open up a bottle of wine to pour into your favorite stews and sauces, it's a good idea to pour yourself a glass to drink while you cook. That's an order! And since I must practice what I preach, I'm opening up a bottle of Morad Pomegranate Wine right now to drink while I write about this incredible sweet and sour wine made entirely of the finest pomegranates from Israel.

Pomegranate Wine Osso Buco

Instead of adding dry red wine to this classic Osso Buco, I used the sweet and sour Morad Pomegranate Wine to add an extra layer of flavor and tang to this rich and heavy dish. The pomegranate wine is cooked together with onions, carrots, celery, garlic, crushed tomatoes, sausage, fresh rosemary, bay leaf and more! There is so much love there.

Chilled Mulled Pomegranate Wine with Pomegranate Ice

Like I said, every wine-infused dish needs a matching drink to go with it and this Chilled Mulled Pomegranate Wine with pomegranate seed ice is perfect to lighten up the heavy Osso Buco and cool you down on these hot summer days. Instead of just drinking the wine right from the bottle, you can infuse it with tangy and savory flavors to give it new life. I steeped the pomegranate wine with citrus, cinnamon and fresh rosemary then chilled it down for a few hours before drinking. So refreshing and it will last for at least 2-3 days in your fridge...unless you drink it all before then!

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