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Passover Holiday Memories

Smoked Salmon Rolls

Memories can be quite powerful, food memories all the more so. When I use a spice my grandfather often used, or smell a cake like one my grandmother used to bake, I’m there in an instant, right in their kitchen. When Pesach comes, I close my eyes and I can see my grandfather eating matzah with a schmear of whipped cream cheese, a hot mug of sweet creamy coffee beside him.

That is Passover to me:  exactly that vision, that aroma, that taste.

I’m a woman of simple pleasures, you know that.  Matzah with cream cheese is my Passover delicacy. Has to be whipped cream cheese, of course, cause it’s my favorite and cause otherwise you wind up with a pile of crumbled matzah and a palm full of cream cheese.  I was raised on light, airy Temp Tee cream cheese. It’s been part of our Sunday brunches, school lunches, and Pesach breakfast lunch and dinners over the years.

So when I got a call out of nowhere from Temp Tee, I’m thinking, do they know me?   Have they been watching me all these years through tiny transmitters on their containers? Turns out–there are no transmitters -- and they never dreamed that I’ve had a lifelong devotion to their product, though they were really tickled when I told them. They had called simply to ask if we could work together to help cooks with new creative cream cheese ideas for Passover. You see there's this thing called matzah fatigue. And it's a real condition, I tell you. My new Temp Tee friends recognize it too and want to team up to help.

I do love helping people…

So it was a no-brainer for me. I usually stock up on half a dozen containers of cream cheese before Yuntif anyway, just to get us started. It’s especially handy when I “work the house,” as Hubby calls it. He loves when I sub in whatever’s handy in my fridge or cabinets instead of sending him to the store in the snow to buy a pint of sour cream.  Ooooooh you shoulda seen him when he found out I only needed three tablespoons of the stuff for a recipe.  Big deal! Never saw a man refuse to eat something because it was “made with slave labor.” Anyway, today I know better and strictly adhere to the house rule: Never-Send-Hubby-Out-for-Piddling-Amounts-of-Stuff-Especially-in-a-Blizzard-When-You-Can-Sub-Something-Else.   So whenever I get creative, it’s comforting to know I always have CC on hand:   it’s so easy to use instead of sour cream, heavy cream, or even ricotta in a pinch.  Sometimes I just add it to creamify a recipe.  Those Temp Tee folks a knew what they were doing when they called me.

So let’s spread the word about Temp Tee cream cheese this Passover: there are 101 things we can do, but we promise to share at least 50 new ideas from our team and all our blogger friends all in the name of putting an end to the matzah fatigue, a stop to the same ol' same ol', although that seemed to be good enough for my grandfather (that generation was much more easily pleased). We are here to save you, the world or at least your Passover with our Temp Tee cream cheese revolution. Too much? Well you know I'm a passionate person when it comes to good food.

Bookmark our growing list of Whipped Cream Cheese Recipes for Passover and check back often for updates. Stay tuned for Pre-Passover Twitter and Facebook chats in real time with me, I can't wait to talk to you all.

I want to feature your recipes too! In the comments below share a quick and creative cream cheese idea, or your favorite Passover memory.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and giveaway as part of a partnership with Temp Tee Whipped Cream Cheese. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.