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Passover Prep - Clean Out the Car!

car vac

Some people leave cleaning the car till the last minute. However, I prefer to have this done way ahead of time, so that I can do my Passover shopping without worrying that there is any chametz left in my trunk that will *somehow* wend its way into my chametz-free groceries that I just spent the second mortgage on!

Now you could do it the easy way and just take the car to the local car wash and have them vacuum it inside and wash and wax it. Or, if you want to make sure that it is done properly you can do it yourself. (Or supervise the children doing it.)

If you are a person that lives in their car - and the car is your office, or your catch-all receptacle, - well, first you need to organize all the items inside. You can buy these really cute organizers that hang over the backs of the car seats and phenomenal organizers that fit in the trunk. Once the car is organized you can get to work.

A regular household vacuum cleaner can do the trick, as can a hand held dirt devil or those coin operated vacuums that you can find by the gas station. Make sure you move all seats forwards and backwards so you can vacuum every area that dirt / chametz could have fallen in to. Take everything out of the trunk and give it a thorough cleaning. Use cleaning wipes to wipe down all surfaces and cup holders. Hang a fresh air freshener over the rear view mirror, and voila, the car is ready for Pesach.

ACTION: Make the most of your car cleaning - wash the outside as well, even though it isn't necessary for Pesach cleaning. Offer to wash your neighbor's car too.


DINNER TONIGHT: Put up some chilibefore you go outside to the car - it will be a filling reward once you have done all your hard work.