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Passover Prep - Errands


Today we talk about getting the small things done and out of the way and off your list, so you can concentrate soon enough on getting the big things done - like shopping / cooking / cleaning and making Pesach.

  1. Shoes need to be resoled? Take them to the shoemaker.
  2. Shirts and clothes in the dry cleaning pile? Drop them off to the dry cleaner's on the way to work. No one will be scrambling for a clean suit / dress / shirt 5 minutes before Yomtov.
  3. Get the carpet cleaner booked for next week.
  4. See if you can get a dentist appointment to sort out that bothersome tooth - deal with it before it bothers you to eat all that crunchy matza over Passover.
  5. Any minor medical issues - make an appointment with the doctor for this week.
  6. Schedule yourself a massage / hair cut / manicure for next week - all this preparation that you are doing, you must take time for yourself.
  7. Going out for the seder or a yomtov meal? Pick up gifts this week, wrap them and include a card, so that they are ready to be dropped off just before the holiday.

ACTION: Make a list of everything that needs to be done between now and Passover, and then prioritize. Farm out some tasks to the spouse / older children if possible.

Easy, Cheesy Calzone

DINNER TONIGHT: Easy Cheesy Calzone - Pick up prepared Pizza Crust, and this dinner is a cinch to make. Make some french fries in the oven, toss up a quick salad. Yum!.