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Passover Prep - Restocking Passover Kitchen


Every year, when I am unpacking the Pesach dishes after my husband and boys have shlepped all seventeen boxes down from the attic, I have a moment when I realize that I kept *something* out to use for around the year, and need to replace it for Passover. Exactly what item that is, well, that would be anyone's guess. One year it was the immersion blender, one year it was the potato peeler.

I have learned to combat these moments. Used to be that in the box marked Pesach #1 (which is the first box that gets opened) I had a paper on the top - on which I listed all kitchen utensils that I had kept out for regular use throughout the year, or broken over the last Pesach and need to be replaced. Ideally, if you did what I recommended yesterday, you have this document filed on your computer so that you don't need to wait till you are unpacking the dishes to discover this list. This list should also have a list of *wants* that you had last year, but were not able to find / purchase.

Throughout the year I am always looking at kitchen item sales - and I stock up and put away for Passover.

Now is the time to run out and purchase that peeler, the grater and the immersion blender - before you are rummaging in boxes because you need to use it NOW.

One thing I will say. I used to think that if I only need to use a kitchen tool for 8 days a year, it doesn't matter if it's a cheap no name brand. I was wrong. Better to spend more money on a decent product, and not have to replace it, than to buy junk that breaks after the third time you use it.

ACTION: Use red or blue nail polish to mark your cooking utensils - will make it easier to remember whether it's dairy or meat.

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