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Passover Prep - Set Up a Mini Kitchen

portable kitchen

Most of us are not fortunate enough to have a Passover kitchen. I dream of having one some day, but until then I have two choices. I can turn my kitchen over for Pesach five days before and start cooking like a madwoman OR I can prepare an area away from the chametz where I can slowly get certain foods done before the sprint to the finish line.

Run out to the grocery store and just buy a few basics so that you can get your cooking started. Some chicken and some vegetables, some frozen rolls of gefilte fish.

Set up a table in a quiet area of the basement (or even garage) with your Passover slow cooker, a few knives, cutting board, a small portable burner / camp stove and a pot or two. Assemble your chicken soup, cook and freeze it. Boil up your gefilte fish - and freeze it. Stock up on aluminum pans so that you cut down on washing dishes. I would use the laundry sink to wash the necessary dishes at this point. Just knowing you have some things cooked ahead of time totally cuts down on stress!

ACTION: Clear space in your freezer to hold the cooked Passover food.


DINNER TONIGHT: Smothered Tempeh Sandwich - Easy to assemble, quick to eat, won't take too much time away from your Passover prep.