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Passover Prep - Start Cooking!

slicing veggies

We made it! Now all that's left to do is cook. I like to put up my soups and mains way ahead of time, so that I can spend the day before Passover working on my side dishes and desserts as they tend to take more time. At least if I know that the mains and soups are taken care of, I can cook the rest with a happy unstressed frame of mind.

Before I start with the individual dishes I chop onions and peel garlic enough for all my recipes. I separate the onions into ziploc baggies that hold a half cup of chopped onions. The snack size baggies are perfect for this. I chop all the veggies and bag them up. It just makes it easier to get all the cooking done. Prepare all the ingredients before you start cooking to ensure you have everything you need. This cuts down on last minute store runs.

Interestingly enough, every year the first dish I put up to cook is compote. To me that's what gets the house smelling like Pesach.

ACTION: Invest in foil pans with covers and a Sharpie. Mark on each cover what dish it contains and for which meal.


DINNER TONIGHT: Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew - Double the recipe and you'll have enough left for one of the holiday meals too.