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Passover Prep - Tackle the Breakfront

silver polishing

It's time to roll up the sleeves and get working on the chametz removal. We are not in the kitchen yet - we gave it a once over last week, remember? Next week we will give it the final clean. I am talking about that breakfront that houses your fancy dishes and silver items. Those drawers in your buffet that cradle your fancy cutlery.

Cover your dining room table with a cloth or newspaper. Collect up your rags and your silver polish. Empty out the breakfront, the buffet and the drawers therein. Nothing goes back in unless it's been polished to a shine. This is a great thing for the kids to help with if they are around. Give them a bunch of old socks to get to work with.

Once everything is out, wipe down the shelving with a damp cloth or Fantastik - whatever is your preferred mode of cleaning. If you have a lot of silver in your breakfront, invest in Hagerty strips - they help slow down the tarnish. They work, trust me on that.

ACTION: Print up signs that you can attach to closets that have been cleaned for Passover. Print out other signs to warn people away from the chometz-containing cupboards.

Tropical Chicken Burrito

DINNER TONIGHT: Pick up a rotisserie chicken on the way home from work - alternatively you can use leftover chicken from Shabbat if you have. Assembling these Tropical Chicken Burritos will be a cinch - leaving your time free for cleaning.