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Passover Prep - Weekend Chores


This week we brought you many tips and tricks with a good dollop of advice on how to start your pre Pesach clean up. The idea has been to start early, be organized and not panic. We want you to get to the seder ready to enjoy it, not be so exhausted by overwork that you resemble a leaf of limp lettuce.

If you haven't had the time this week to take care of any of the cleaning, set aside some time on Sunday - you can manage to do it all. Rope in the spouse and the children - assign chores. Every one can and should help.

Four Easy Steps.

organized closet

1. Start with the closets.

car vac

2. Clean out and Organize the Car.

pantry shelf

3. Organize the Pantry.

cleaning oven

4. Give the kitchen a thorough clean.

Zucchini Pasta with Mushrooms and Oven Dried Tomatoes

DINNER: Well, after that hard work you will all have a huge appetite. Zucchini Pasta with Mushrooms and Oven Dried Tomatoes will totally hit the spot.

 Stay tuned, next week we will bring you more posts for Passover Prep - our goal is to get you to the holiday in one piece and smiling.