Parve Passover Dessert Recipes

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Passover Cookie Platter

With all of the packaged Passover cakes and cookies sitting in the grocery store aisles weeks before the holiday starts it is no surprise that many a store-bought Passover cake tastes more like the cardboard it is packaged in than like a delicious dessert.  Sure, they are convenient, but as someone who strongly believes that dessert is not worth eating unless it is truly delicious, to me they are just not an option. Instead I use Pesach as the perfect opportunity to make homemade desserts that would be welcome on the table anytime of year. It isn’t enough for them to be “good for Pesach”. They have to be good period. The key is using quality ingredients and finding appropriate substitutions for ingredients like flour that can’t be used on Pesach.

Non Dairy Honey Nut Tart

Some of the most common ingredients in Passover cooking are nuts. It is truly amazing how many pounds of nuts we go through on Passover, between the charoset, mock chopped liver and all the desserts. Finely ground nuts make up the base for all kinds of flourless cakes and nut butters are a quick and easy way to whip up a batch of last minute cookies. (Like these Almond Butter and Jelly ones)  This Honey Nut Tart brings the nuts out of the background and puts them center stage. It has the texture of a pecan pie but instead of just pecans the filling is made up of walnuts and pecans suspended in an orange scented honey custard. It is a delicious combination that is sure to have people coming back for “just one more sliver”.

lemon mouse 647

With all the heavy food on Passover it is sometimes nice to have a lighter dessert. This Lemon Mouse is light and refreshing. Made up of a butter-less lemon curd lightened only with egg whites the pure lemon flavor really shines through. It is delicious served chilled but is also tasty served frozen. It would be a great dessert to serve after the seder along with an assortment of cookies and Pesach candy.

Passover Cookie Platter

With the many varieties of candy available for Passover it might seem silly to take the time to make homemade candy, but there is nothing like some homemade Raspberry Truffles to round out a cookie platter. These truffles use raspberry puree as the base and pack an intense punch of chocolate and raspberry flavor. Be sure to use good quality chocolate, the kind sold for eating rather than baking, because the flavor of the chocolate is what makes these truffles stand out.

Whether making treats for a few friends or for a huge crowd these delicious homemade desserts make Passover a time where we can truly celebrate just how sweet freedom really can be.

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