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This article is dedicated to my grandmother, Bubbie Goldie z"l, who passed away last week at 90 years old.

Bubbie was sick for many years and so the news didn't come as a total surprise, but I don’t think you can ever be prepared for that call. I have spent the the last few days remembering the many moments we shared together and looking at old pictures and feeling grateful for all the time I had with my grandmother throughout my childhood and as an adult. She was able to meet all of my children before she got sick, her smiling face beaming with love and pride.

Like all my memories most relate to food. Bubbie was far from a gourmet cook, but she did have her signature dishes; farfel and corn, steak, lemon meringue pie, cornflake chicken, blueberry muffins, veggie chopped liver, and crispy veggie kishke are the ones the family talks about the most. For some reason, I remember the candies (even a Dietitian eats candy sometimes). The chocolate filled Nips she always had on her coffee table and the chocolate covered candy reception sticks will be something I always remember when I think of her.

This Passover many of you will have time with your grandchildren, whether in your home or theirs. Make the most of your time together. It doesn't take much to create a lasting memory. Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most, like chocolate candy on a coffee table.

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