Pockets Of Surprise - DIY Kreplach Recipes

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short rib ravioli

With hidden meanings, veiled faces and conspiracy as the theme for the holiday, it is easy to see why kreplach are a favorite food for Purim. Little purses stuff ed with surprise fillings are fun and delicious treats. While homemade kreplach require a bit of effort, they are worth the time spent. I like to use the kreplach in a variety of ways. They are most often served in soups. I also like to crisp them up and add them as “croutons” to salads and to serve them with dipping sauces as hors d’oeuvres.

Braised Short Rib Ravioli

Braised Short Rib Ravioli

To expedite the process of making the kreplach, I like to prepare my fillings in advance and freeze them. I put a lot of flavor into my fillings; I want them to have an assertive flavor. Think about it: a bland or neutral dough will “mask” the flavor a bit, so you need to start with bold spices and quality ingredients. Don’t skimp on browning the meats and fillings. That caramelization adds a layer of flavor that cannot be made up for in the final product.

DIY Cheese pierogies

Cheese and Potato Pierogies

Homemade kreplach dough is silky and easy to work with. But, in a pinch, I reach for wonton skins. They are a good substitute for homemade and freeze beautifully. While homemade kreplach are a bit of a potschke, they are a labor of love and a delicious part of the holiday.

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Cheese and Potato Pierogies

Mishloach Manot Idea Pack two kreplach with dipping sauce in a mini lunch box container.

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