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Prepare For Cyber Monday With Our Chanukah Gift Guide

chanukah special

The timing of Chanukah every year really dictates which sales we are able to take advantage of. Last year with Thanksgivukkah the sales were not in our favor, but this year we have more than two weeks to go and still have Cyber Monday to enjoy tomorrow.  You can see my guide for last year's Hanukkah gift guide here.  This year I have found some fun new foods that will make the perfect gift.

barrows ginger

Instead of a bottle of wine, consider a bottle of Barrow's Intense Ginger Liqueur.  OU certified this liqueur will be appreciated by all.  I really love ginger and nothing is really strong enough for me, but this comes close.  It is sweet and flavorful and will elevate your bar.  Find more about Barrow's here.


Over Rosh Hashanah I wanted to use Truffle Oil to enhance my polenta, but I couldn't find anything near me.  I finally decided to search online and I found this truffle oil on Amazon certified by KLBD.  I have been warned that most truffle oil is just flavored and doesn't really have truffles in it.  This brand actually has the truffles added to it and I want to bathe in it.  A little goes along way so the price isn't that bad and it just makes everything taste amazing.  Get one as a gift and make sure to get one for yourself.  Order on Amazon here.


Now that I know how amazing truffles can be in home cooking I intend to get some of this Truffle Salt from Saltworks.  They also make kosher certified smoked salts, which add tremendous flavor to food. Find more about the OU certified salts from Salt Works here.


Looking for something cheaper, but still amazing!! Try the Sriracha Powder from the Spice House.  If you tell them you want your spices kosher they will send spices from their Milwaukee location which is certified by Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin.  I buy all my spices from them, they are amazingly fresh and flavorful.  Mostly I get plain ground spices, but this blend intrigued me and I have had the best popcorn and sea weed snacks since this came.  Learn more about The Spice House here.


I really like the idea of "x" of the month clubs for gifts.  You can usually do them for as little as month or for the full year.  You can get so many things this way, such as tea,wine, chocolate, coffee, flowers, and fruits.  Just search for your product of choice and find the perfect gift for everyone.

And of course you won't want to miss out on the very best gift, our Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Magazine and Joy of Kosher cookbook. Order 2 subscriptions and get the book free!!  Order Now.

Disclosure: I was not paid for mentioning any of the products on this page, but I did receive some complimentary from the company.  All opinions are my own.