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Pressure Cooker Stews for Succot


I usually spend Succot in Seattle with my family and the weather is always really cold! I know I should be talking about how much I love spending time with everyone when I return to my hometown (and I really do), but all I can think about is putting on layers and layers of clothes to eat in the succah every night. We put on our heavy coats, enter the succah and hope the soup will warm us very quickly.

As a kid, my Succot memories in chilly Seattle always existed around my Savtah’s incredible cooking and her recipes are still in full-swing today. For years, I’ve been making her cous cous, tongue, meringues, ice cream and more! But until this year, I never tackled two of my favorite recipes that my Savtah made every Succot: Cabbage Borscht and Oxtail Soup. Making these recipes in my own home has brought back so many sweet memories I know you will love these hearty stews as much as I always have.


Meat Cabbage Borscht

When most people hear the word “borscht,” they might run the other way but this cabbage borscht is like nothing you’ve ever tasted! Meat falling off the bone, brown sugar for added sweetness and cabbage cooked for hours in a rich tomato broth. I’ve never seen anyone turn away my Savtah’s cabbage borscht. In fact, most people even go back for seconds! I know I always do.


Oxtail Soup

If you aren’t already warmed up by the satisfying cabbage borscht, this oxtail soup will do the trick! This kitchen-sink soup literally has everything but the kitchen sink in it. Just throw all of your ingredients in to the pressure cooker and boil for 25 minutes. It doesn’t really get any easier than that, does it?!? You can use split peas, barley, potatoes, onions, carrots, celery, pasta, and so much more. Use as many or as few ingredients as you want and this soup will be delicious no matter what…just don’t forget the oxtail!

Note: If you don’t have a pressure cooker, you can use a regular large pot for these stews. You’ll just need a lot more cooking time on the stove.