Purim Confessions

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So I don’t really like hamantashen – but don’t worry, that’s not my confession of the week. My real secret is that …drum roll… I have yet to master making hamantashen. In fact, I have almost given up on it.

I am not sure which came first – my dislike of this particular pastry, or my failure to bake a decent batch. I have been delicately and creatively avoiding the need to make them all these years after my one failed attempt. Yet, if you can believe it, I only tried once. One Purim I tried a recipe from a very reputable cookbook that shall remain nameless. It was not a very good dough, even after two tries, and the taste was worse than the stuff from the bakery, so I just gave up.

But this year, my daughter came home with a soft, sweet, jumbo hamantash that she made with her classmates and teachers in Pre-1A, and I’m thinking – I can do this, I can and I am committed to success! (At least, I’m praying that it won’t turn out too bad.)

My oven mitts are on and I’m coming out swinging! If teacher’s recipe doesn’t yield the perfect homie (that’s Jamie slang for hamantashen – because the darn word is just too hard to spell and too long to say), I’ll go to the many great recipes for homies on this site. (I’m thinking of trying Galiah’s Lemon Meringue Hamantashen – much more suited to my taste buds). It’s time to overcome my fear.

I have a sneaking suspicion there are some special tricks that can help ensure a successful outcome. So, I’m humbly asking for your help. I want to be in the Happy Mommy Baking Hamantashen with Her Children Club. Please share your secrets so I can join.

As always, many thanks in advance for your help!