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Purim DIY packaging Ideas


I am not the most creative person nor am I really very artistic, but I sure do appreciate the beautiful work of others.  I know the way I love to make delicious treats others like to create cute little containers to package them in.  Does anyone want to partner? I will make the treats and you make the packaging?  Let me know.

Anyways, over the past few months I realized that we can get so many great ideas for our Purim Mishloach Manot from everyone else’s holiday packages.  Take a look at some inspiring ideas and let me know if you decide to use one and when you will be sending them over.

Here are some fantastic ways to dress up store bought treats.

Repackaged Candy Favors by OhHappyDay


On a Roll Scroll from Family Fun


Package candy, home made minis or dried fruit in these cute boxes.

Candy in boxes by Martha Stewart


This idea comes from DIY wedding favors, so you can change the design how you like, but there are some great ways to dress up these candies.

Dress Up Your Candies from Once Wed


If you happen to be a scrapbooker try these scrapbook wrapped chocolates.

Scrapbook Wrapped Chocolates by Little Details


Oh, and don't forget the centerpieces or table decorations for the big Seudah. I just love these golden crown tea light holders from Maks and Spencers.

Make your own felt crown for your kids or your table or anything, they look so festive.



And don't miss our how to make a Cape and a Crown from Rivky Koenig our own designed Printable Purim Cards from the magazine and our Mexican Feista Purim Seudah from Creative Jewish Mom.