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Purim Party Ideas For Fun and Whimsy

Purim Table

Shavy Weiss has been an event planner  for over a decade.  Shavy produces amazing parties and this month we are highlighting some of our favorite parts of her Purim table right here right now.  This Purim, Shavy suggests a fun, whimsical, and gilded Persian inspired table.

cake push pops

These Cake Push Pops have gotten so much attention.  The gorgeous colors make them perfectly suited as part of a whimsical decor.  Set the trays of foods at different heights for optimal effects.  Available from The Pop Shop - Atara Katz 732-901-7850.

purim lanterns

These Persian styled lanterns are an enchanting centerpiece from Pier One Imports.  While there you can find colorful mismatched pillows in the clearance section  for the chairs (shown in the main image above).

sand art

Make your own sand art centerpieces with contrasting colors.  Pour the sand evenly or on a zig zag.  Push a stick in to create vertical lines if desired.  Use masks and feathers in place of flowers.  You can find them at Mardis Gras supply stores or other party stores or make your own.

Go somewhere over the rainbow with us this Purim with a colorful decor that can only bring merriment to all.  Get more Purim ideas in our Magazine, order yours today by calling 855-JoyofKosher.

Credit for this party plan goes to Shevy Designz 732-966-6907

In addition to the items on this page, the magazine featured perfect  Hamantaschen by Occasion, Rivky Gordon 732-364-2717  and  Personalized Chocolate Bars by Chocolate Specialties, Shayndee Gordon 732-901-7452.

How did you decorate for your seudah this year?