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Our pantries are currently stocked with potatoes, good quality olive oil, flour and jam in excited anticipation for 8 nights of Hanukkah celebrations. Keeping our upcoming feasts in mind, this Shabbat menu is all about flavor-packed dishes that are light, easy & healthy. Cook up a fresh, nutritious Shabbat meal and be out of the kitchen in no time!

Tamari Salmon with Edamame 

The salmon gets a pop of nutrition and color from the edamame and can be served up at any temperature. 

3-Ingredient Wheat Berry Salad

Sun-dried tomatoes, cucumbers and wheat berries make the perfect combo. Make the components in advance and combine before serving. 

Classic Chicken Soup

What is more satisfying & comforting then a well made chicken soup? 

Roasted Chicken with Chestnuts & Orange Yam Mash

One recipe. One full meal. 

Hasselback Apples

These apples are the perfect alternative to apple crisp.