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Quick & Crafty Chanukah Decorating With Pom Pom Yarn

chanukah craft

With Chanukah just around the corner, now is the time to pull out some quick and crafty decorating ideas to get your home ready for the holiday! Not to worry, I've got a few ideas that will get you started in no time, and your house will look more festive that ever without too much effort. Sounds great, right?

Chanukah Pom Pom Chandelier JOK

While I love to knit and crochet, I also happen to think that yarn is great for crafting. I picked up a ball of pom pom yarn recently, and realized that it makes instant pom pom garlands! So I draped my dining room chandelier, and now it's ready for just a few well placed ornaments. Yippee!

Chanukah pom pom yarn candle jars jOK

And then I tried wrapping the yarn around some glass vases, inserted some shot glasses filled with candles, and voila, a gorgeous centerpiece for Chanukah was born! And you could re-use them for the next bris, how about that?

Chanukah pom pom silverware wrap JOK

I was thinking of making napkin rings somehow with the yarn, and then I remembered the little casual table setting trick that's in style at the moment, so I tied some yarn around a setting of silverware, cute as can be! Simple right? And of course I'll also be using pom pom yarn to hang the decorations my kids make and for any other crafty garlands that we come up with between now and Chanukah. Can't wait!

If you don't have any pom pom yarn on hand and would rather use up what you do have, rest assured, there are many great projects to make with any kind of yarn that may or may not take just a bit more effort but will also be wonderful additions to your holiday home. Here's just a few ideas from my blog to get you started:

Yarn wrapped hurricanes

Wrap glass vases in two colors of regular yarn, in this case light blue and dark blue, for a stunning and contemporary centerpiece, tutorial here.

Yarn wrapped napkin rings,yarn wrapped cans

Go green and make yarn wrapped napkin rings from recycled plastic bottles, and yarn wrapped luminaries from recycled cans for your holiday table.

Yarn snowflakes, pom poms

Yarn snowflakes look great all winter, as do pom pom bouquets, which you'll use over and over, believe me!

That's all for now, have a wonderfully creative Chanukah, and the good news is, that it's eight whole days long, which makes your crafting efforts really worth it! And do stop by my site for lots more Chanukah craft ideas, and ways to fill your life with creativity all year long. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Let me know what you end up making in the comments below and share your photos on Facebook.