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/RECIPE/ Cinnamon Sugar Churros

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This AMAZING recipe can be found right over here.

Being Hanukkah and all I have a rapid fire style review for this recipe.

-Great recipe!

- I was originally fearful that they would not be sweet enough. Since there was no sugar in the actual dough. But once they were tossed in the cinnamon sugar mix they were perfect!

-The actual recipe itself needed to include the 1 C. of water in the ingredients list. When I got down to the directions I was trying to find where this "1 C. of water" came from. :)

-This recipe worked up so fast! No yeast, no baking soda/powder. It was great!

-They were gobbled up and loved by every one!!!! I'm thinking a few more batches will need to be made.

This is a fantastic treat to make for Hanukkah. Go ahead and try the churros this year. Who knows, they might even become a new family tradition.