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Recipe Ideas For Your Mishloach Manot

Mini Pizza Doughnuts

It is less than a month until Purim and time to get planning.  Every year we work to come up with new costumes, new hamantashen recipes, and new Seudah themes.  We also love to put together the perfect gift baskets to send our friends, from using recyclables to make our containers to Healthy Themed Mishloach Manot there is always something new to try.  Here are some homemade treats to include in your baskets this year.


Instead of going with desserts, consider including portable real food!!

Make your own knishes, use any filling you want, they can be eaten hot or cold and everyone loves them.

Grape leaves would be a perfect part of a Mediterranean basket.  Send along with Jamie's Tricolor Hummus and Pita crisps.

Make a homemade BBQ sauce or Ketchup and send along with some Chicken Skewers.

Pickled vegetables are very popular right now and they go really well with cocktails.  Make your own and send them along with your Mishloach Manot this year.

Instead of just making soft pretzels, wrap the dough around Bratwurst and send with your favorite mustard.


norman's purim pack

Send along delicious Greek yogurt with your own Homemade Granola.

Make your own candy, like this crunchy chocolate bar.

Browse through all our Hamantashen recipes and choose one or a few to try this year.

Instead of just giving candy bars, make cookies with candy bars inside them!

Make your own cake pops in the shape of masks!!

Mini Pizza Doughnuts

Mini Pizza Doughnuts

Not sure where these Mini Pizza Doughnuts belong on the list, but I had to include them, really amazing!!  Also, note anything mini is great, what are you planning?

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