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/RECIPE/ Matzah Nachos

Week 23 Matza Nachos

(Sorry all for being absent for a bit, not to fear I'll catch up asap. Please forgive my lack of consistent post as I've been juggling a busy schedule with trying to change over to a new computer (not always so fun or hang-up free) but all is goo and now things should be back to normal. Thank you SO much for your patience.)

The recipe for this week is good - I mean really, REALLY good. They pack a cheesy, crispy, delish crunch! A must for pesach meals! Make sure to add it to your collection of recipes for next year!!!

Week 23 Matza Nachos 1

The wetting and then cutting is fun, I found that when I cut a stack of 4-5 the middle ones wanted to stick together so, keep your stacks smaller.

Week 23 Matza Nachos 2

I love how the cheese and matzah get crunchy all together, a beautiful harmony! And then the fresh salsa! YUM! This really is a lovely recipe, it's been so nice that so far with this little venture that I've been able to enjoy each recipe I've made....I wonder if I'll ever not like a recipe?

Week 23 Matza Nachos 3

Even if its not pesach when you happen to read this you may want to raid your pantry and see if you have any leftover matzah and try this recipe out. Its very worth it!

All the best!