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Rosh Hashanah Gift Ideas Everyone Can Enjoy

rosh hashanah gift guide

It's always nice to bring a gift when someone invites you to a meal, but the typical red or white bottle of wine can get a little boring and cute little tchoktes take up space and are not appreciated by everyone.  I mean how many honey pots can a person break--er--I mean get as a gift.  Fine, if you are like me maybe you appreciate a new honey pot every year, and last year I shared some lovely new honey related gift ideas that go beyond the pot.  Those gifts inspired me to find more Rosh Hashanah gifts, but this time they are all edible.

My feeling is no one can have too much actual honey, did you know it doesn't go bad?  And no one can have too much chocolate, olive oil, flavored liquors, teas etc.  The trick is choosing the right ones, the best ones, the food products that look like a gift.  Here are my suggestions.

תמונת אווירה - רימונים

Morad Pomegranate Wine is the wine of choice for Rosh Hashanah.  If you can't go anywhere without a bottle of wine, then let's make it seasonally appropriate and a more exciting gift.  You can drink this wine as is of course, but you can also use in cocktails and recipes to liven up your Rosh Hashanah.  Of course it is not grape based so you can't say kiddish on it.  It lasts for a few weeks in the fridge and is incredibly versatile and flavorful.  - right now you can get it on sale online at


Mead is the oldest fermented beverage made from honey.  Often associated with Renaissance festivals and it's cloyingly sweet taste, Maine Meade Works and Honey Run Winery have brought back the mead and are showing us how Mead can be enjoyed.  Both are certified kosher.

besamim narrow

Another unique bottle gift is this Besamim Liqueur.  Besamim means spices and refers to the cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg like scents we usually smell at the end of Shabbat for Havdallah.  This new company, Sukkah Hill Spirits brings us the besamim in a bottle perfect for spiked cocktails or drizzled on desserts.  I would use it in a hot apple cider or over a an apple cobbler.

heavens nougat liqueur

One last unique bottle option is this non dairy Nougat Liqueur by Heavens.  This sweet and creamy drink surprised me with a great flavor that can truly be enjoyed over ice alone, but once you taste it you won't be able to stop dreaming of the perfect nougat flavored iced coffee or topping your vanilla ice cream or adding to your hot chocolate.  The flavor is great and the 17% alcohol makes it easy to enjoy.  Get a bottle of nougat liquor at SkyView.


There are many fantastic gift ideas from Savannah Bee Company - they have a whole gift section of their site with everything from their best honey to honey soap to t-shirts.  For a holiday where honey is central, Savannah Bee is a great resource.  I am showcasing here their raw honeycomb, it comes in an gorgeous box filled with straw, so that it can be given as a gift, but you will want to make sure you get one for yourself too.  Serving this honey at your Rosh Hashanah table will ensure you have a sweet new year. Order your honey comb here.


For some people it is not a gift, if it is not chocolate and for those I have to recommend this vegan (non-dairy) Hot Fudge.  There is so much you can do with this and the packaging is super cute, I can't think of a person who wouldn't love to have some hot melty chocolate that they can eat after any meal.  Find more about Coops here.


If you want something chocolatey that is a little fancier, this is one of our all time favorites, Dear Coco Truffles.  In September only they offer the Jewish New Year collection with Mediterranean Pomegranate and Argentine Honey.


For one stop shopping for all your foodie gift ideas, check out the new Kosher Artisinal website, where they have done all the work for you.  Find the best olive oils, honeys, chocolates, spices, teas and more all kosher and ready to order.  With fast, free delivery for orders over $75 you can get everything you need and you can't go wrong, I guarantee your hosts will be thanking you.

What is the best gift you have ever given or received?  Any new foods out there you would recommend?