Rosh Hashanah Recipes for a New Lease on Life

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I don’t know why Rosh Hashanah always takes me by surprise. Here we are, just coming off those long, lazy summer days – and we suddenly have to snap to attention. The shofar sounds, we head for shul – and we try to think “sweet.”

Listen, I don’t claim to know exactly what the Sages had in mind when they said that during this season we should avoid tart or bitter foods and slop honey on everything; but my guess is that we’re supposed to look for the sweetness in life and try to make ourselves a little sweeter too. You are what you eat. (And if that’s true, my husband is a candied apple and I’m… well, never mind…)

In any case, a few weeks before Rosh Hashanah, my head starts to twirl with holiday recipes comprised of the sweetest ingredients – to give my family a yummy new lease on life. Now, you know I love and respect tradition – but when it comes to recipes, I like to put a novel twist on things. Let’s be sweet in new ways! Try Israeli Cabbage SaladSweet and Pungent Asian Roast and (watch the video!), or Honey Sweet Apple Mango Cobbler!