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Seder Tablescape


Dear Joy of Kosher readers,

On Passover, we strive to whip up the perfect hametz-free gourmet menu which a huge feat right after we survive meticulously scrubbing of every inch of our homes. With just a little bit of planning and imagination, we can save some energy to create our own unique Passover seder tablescapes which serves as an elegant backdrop for our delicious Passover meals.

I've learned SO much from all of the Jewish hostesses that share photos of their gorgeous party, holiday and Shabbat tables on my site, The Jewish Hostess, throughout the year. Each table setting is a fantastic reflection of each Jewish woman's flair, imagination, and creativity. As we are all unique in our personality, and inspirations, I am proud to share with you eight of the fabulous seder table that were featured on The Jewish Hostess from Passover, 2011.

Enjoy and be inspired! Remember that the secret to a fabulous table is to LAYER, LAYER,and LAYER. Start with a simple cloth and keep on going! Chargers, linen napkins, dishes, and napkin rings don't have to cost a fortune to be elegant. The extra splashes of color and texture always add the WOW factor to any table.

Begin planning and decide- do I want my seder table to be fun? elegant? colorful? Let your imagination run free and watch your guests faces light up as they enter the room!

Scroll down to pick and choose your favorite details, and plan your own special holiday table. I would love to see your table creations!

If you'd like to be featured on The Jewish Hostess, send your table setting pics to Wishing all of my Jewish Hostesses a happy, easy, and healthy holiday!

Marlene Mamiye

1-A Passover Seder that Could Split the Sea-A DIY Seder table designed by two sisters Alexis and Sarah Mizrahi. They actually bought the fabric for the table runner in a turquoise color to represent the sea. They re-printed family hagadahs and covered them with leather, tassels and ribbon. Napkin rings were made out of turquoise fabric.

Passover table setting
Passover seder,

2- Claudia's Personalized Seder Place Setting- Claudia bought inexpensive picture frames to make each guest feel at home. An orchid and decorative edible quail egg decorated each plate.

Seder Table, Seder plate,

3- Marilyn H. used two long cloths-white with buttercup yellow, Matouk linens napkins and place mats. Her elegant home was the backdrop for this gorgeous seder.


4- April's Down to Earth Cozy Seder- I love April's authentic theme!


5- Sarah's Seder table looks like a million, but most of her table accessories were purchased at Home Goods and Amazing Savings.

Seder table, passover seder table,

seder table,

6- Claudia's Bento Box individual seder plates- Inexpensive bento boxes give the guests a good smile, and make them feel right at home.

Seder table, seder plate, table scape,

7- Bold Blood Red Color Infused Seder by Kim D.- Succulent red roses, napkins and plates, inspire our holiday theme to remind us of “Makat Dam”- the plague of blood filling the Nile River as a punishment to king Pharoh of Egypt for not allowing the Jewish slaves to leave Egypt in freedom. I love her place cards.

Place cards Passover,

Seder table, Passover table,

8- Victoria's Smoke, Frog, Aseret Makot themed Seder table-

Seder Table,

Seder Table,

9- Last but not least- make your own modern seder plate creation- find out how Susan M. did it HERE.

Modern Seder Plate, DIY,

For more Passover, Shabbat, and party table setting inspiration, check out The Jewish Hostess!