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Shabbat Menu - Baked Corn Flake Crumb Chicken with Honey

cornflake chicken

In this week’s parsha, we hear the words of a song delivered by Moses to the Children of Israel on the last day of his life.  We are reminded of what we want to leave behind to our own children after we are gone.  What would be in your song?  When I think about my grandfathers who are no longer with us, a flood of memories comes into my mind.  I think of the family meals we would share, gathered around a table together laughing, singing and smiling.  This week I invite you to Haazinu – “listen in” on my Shabbat menu sharing some family favorites passed down lovingly from one generation to the next.

bubby's chicken soup

Bubby's Chicken Soup

corn flake crumb chicken

Baked Corn Flake Crumb Chicken with Honey

I will never forget the famous Farfel and Corn, it is very similar to this recipe for Farfel and Mushrooms, but if you want to substitute canned corn for the mushrooms you would be just like my Bubby.


Basic Salad

non dairy lemon meringue pie

Lemon Meringue Pie

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