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Shabbat Menu - Chicken with Golden Raisins and Green Olives

Gold and silver can be used to make things more beautiful, to show our love and appreciation, like a wedding ring or a special piece of jewelry.  Or gold can blind us with the idolatry of wealth.  In this week’s Parsha, we have a little of both.  B’nai Yisrael are each commanded to each give a half-shekel of silver to help build the Mishkan.  It is a gift from individuals for a holy communal purpose.  But when Moses does not descend from Mount Sinai as fast as the Children of Israel are expecting, the people create a golden calf to worship.  It is a corruption of the very generosity that began our parsha.  Gold can also be the centerpiece of a magnificent Friday night dinner, like our Chicken with Golden Raisins, Green Olives and Lemon recipe.

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