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When you think of the world’s great winemakers, Noah might not be the first name that comes to mind.  After the flood and the destruction of humanity, Noah and his family is spared and granted the opportunity to repopulate the earth and restore order to the world.  Noah decides to plant a vineyard and becomes the first and most famous winemaker in human history.  This week we share a grape-tasting Shabbat menu that celebrates the fruit of the vine.

Corn Fish Chowder

corn fish chowder

Yes, there is wine in this soup and fake crab (don't worry it is kosher) and yummy.

Grilled Chicken with Grape Skewers

chicken with grapes

Grill these skewers so that the chicken will get all that grapey flavor. 

Carrot and Raisin Basmati Rice

carrot and raisin basmati rice

The grapes here are actually dried and called raisins.  This dish will make any meal more colorful and exciting.

Rosemary Roasted Cauliflower

rosemary roasted cauliflower

This one dish is needed to balance all the sweetness, so no grapes here, but really good flavor. 

Concord Grape and Pear Galette

Concord Grape and Pear Galette

A really yummy rustic dessert featuring the gorgeous and dark concord grape. 

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