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Shabbat Menu - Joy of Almonds

fire roasted taboulli

In Parsha Korach, we witness a rebellion quashed, but murmurings against the leadership of Moses and Aaron continue.  Aaron's staff sprouting almonds amongst those of the other chieftains serves as a powerful image conveying Hashem's selection of the Priestly class and a life of service for the tribe of Levi.  As a tribute to Aaron, our Shabbat Menu features an amazing Fire Roasted Taboulli topped with Sliced Almonds.

spinach gefilte

Spinach Gefilte Fish

Empire Baked-“Fried”-Italian-Herb-Chicken-Legs

Baked "Fried" Italian Herb Chicken

fire roasted taboulli

Fire Roasted Tabbouli

tangy grilled asparagus

Tangy Grilled Asparagus


Pineapple Bars

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