Shabbat Menu - Mod Matzo Ball Soup

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In Parsha Yitro, Moshe’s father-in-law comes to visit.  And like all in-laws, has some advice for the leader of the Jewish people.  Of course, Yitro is right.  Moses is spending all day standing on his feet judging disputes between neighbors, deciding matters of Jewish law and acting as an intermediary between the Children of Israel and G-d.  This could, as you might imagine, get a little tiring.  Yitro recommends the establishment of a formal legal and judiciary system, providing a lifetime of nachas to future generations of Jewish lawyers (and their parents).   For our Shabbat menu this week, we celebrate the delicate task of judging by picking a few winners of our own for our Shabbat menu, starting with a winning recipe from the Man-o-Manischewitz Cookoff, "Mod" Matzo Ball Soup.

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