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Shabbat Menu - Slow Cooked Chicken and Mushrooms

This week the boundaries of the Holy Land are established and the Children of Israel stand on the edge of the Jordan River. Reuven, Gad and ultimately half of Menasseh petition for land east of the Jordan River — prime grazing land — as their inheritance.  There must be something remarkable about this pastureland to lead the tribes to forsake the Holy Land.  I will not speculate, but if you’ve ever tried grass-fed meat you might begin to understand their choice.  The years of wandering are nearing an end and the land beckons.  The waiting is the hardest part.  A highlight of our Shabbat menu this week is Slow Cooked Italian Chicken and Mushrooms — it does not require a lot of work, just time.  I promise the wait is worth it.

Serve with a side of your favorite pasta and

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