Shana Tova from Jamie Geller

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To all my readers, Quick & Kosher fans, and customers: In the coming year, may all of your meals be cooked to perfection -- nothing burns, nothing sogs, nothing falls apart. May it be a year of culinary delights and taste-bud adventures!

And may you and your loved ones eat in good health, happiness, sweetness and peace.

For cooks who are feeling faint just contemplating three “3-day Yuntifs” in the space of three weeks-- using the next few hours to cook up six fancy feasts – I’d like to paraphrase my good friend (the supremely talented art director), Devorah, “This is a triathlon the likes of which the world at large cannot even begin to imagine.” So this is a time to invoke my special blessing for all of us: may everything we cook be double-quick (& kosher)!

K’siva V’chasima Tova – may you be written and inscribed in the Book of Life.