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Shavuot Coloring Activity

flower craft

This Shavuot, have your kids brighten your walls with some flower power! Even the youngest ones will be able to get easy and beautiful results.  While you are cooking in the kitchen, keep the kids busy with this easy to do craft everyone can enjoy.

flower coloring page 1

Materials you will need:

  • Crayons
  • Glue stick (glue will work too, but less mess with the glue stick)
  • 1 sheet of colored paper, 8x10
  • Scissors

1-Print the image above.  Then use crayons to color the attached template with fun patterns and colors. The first two petals are done for you, but try to come up with your own ideas for the others. (stars, hearts, squiggles, zig zags, swirls)

2- Carefully go around each petal with your scissors and cut the flower out of the paper.

3-Then, cut along the two straight lines and slice the flower into four sections.

4- Glue the flower pieces back together onto your colored sheet of construction paper. Leave spaces between each section to let the color show through.

5-Cut the flower out again from the construction paper, leaving a border of color as you cut.

6-Hang on the wall of your for Shavuot, and Chag Sameach!

Variation: If you are making these flowers with siblings, in step 3 have them trade flower sections with each other and recombine the pieces to make new and different flowers.

finished product